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Jorge Jimenez

"Let them all go, the only one who sweats her is Cuesta!" Is the shout in unison of the rostrum after Melgar's third consecutive defeat at the Clausura.

Today it goes to the background that the Argentine has surpassed Zuniga in the goal record with the Melgarian currency.

Cuesta scored the two points of honor in the match and scored 117 goals, beating Cachete who made 116. However, Cristal won the game converting three goals.

What is most talked about today is that the red and black are close to failure, they have very few chances, despite missing two games to play the South American Cup next year, because the Libertadores said goodbye long ago.

Yesterday he fought. He resisted being overcome by Cristal, but errors in defense were fatal and fell at home.

The breaking point, according to DT Marco Valencia, was Narvaez's lack at the edge of his area at 68 minutes.

The consequence was that he left the team with one less, because they showed him the red one and generated a free kick that was Tavara's goal.

From then on, everything was uphill.

There were no more ideas, they became slow and the midfield was delivered. The laziness of Hinostroza and Sanchez, as well as the inefficiency of Vidales and Amoroso, despaired the Melgarian fans, who eventually reproached the team's actions.

Cristal always bet on the attack and projected as many times as possible to Loyola, the former Melgar responded to the call of DT Barreto and returned with a goal.

Of the 7,300 payers that were yesterday at the Arequipa stadium, about two thousand were painted light blue.

They are looking forward to dropping University, Alliance Lima and Binational to tempt the title of the Clausura or the national championship, which is still possible.

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