Climate protests at Tegel airport: blockade ended, delays around the airport, driveways free again – Berlin


The climate activists of the group "Staying on the ground" at Tegel Airport ended the protest at noon. The police brought the demonstrators together from the airport building to the bus stop. The group of activists wanted to draw attention to the climate crisis with a protest at Berlin's Tegel Airport. About 50 people – mostly dressed as penguins – sat on the floor of the main hall in Terminal A and blocked a corridor. Another 80 protested at some distance from the terminal on the airport grounds, a police spokesman said. Under conditions, the police finally allowed a rally inside. Nobody should have been disabled, the protests should not drown out the airport announcements, it was said. That's what the demonstrators would have said, the spokesman said.

In the afternoon the driveways to the airport were released again, the police controlled only occasionally. Due to the controls around the airport area, there were previously delays in access and access to the terminal. In front of the departure hall long queues formed. The police also closed the motorway exit leading to the airport. Numerous passengers got out of their cabs and walked the last few meters to the airport.

According to the police, air traffic was not hindered during the whole time. Airport spokesman Hannes HOnemann emphasized: "Those who were at the airport on time could easily reach their flight despite the police checks."

On Sunday morning, the organizers of "Staying on the Ground" announced in an e-mail: "At the moment, 150 activists are on their way to disrupt the proceedings at Tegel Airport with an action of civil disobedience." Staying on the ground reported via Twitter that it will not stay with this one gathering and more will follow.

The police had previously confirmed that the group was traveling on foot and on bicycles and was accompanied by officials. The police spoke to the activists of an order of magnitude in the lower three-digit range. Also at the airport, many police change the prostate test on the ground.

Individual participants traveled to police information by bus and train. Therefore, there are identity checks at the airport, the spokesman said. Without a valid ticket, however, no one is left in the hall. "The police trying to prevent this peaceful action with such an effort is scandalous!", The group said. It could not be ruled out that the activists turned to Schoenefeld Airport.

Police car in front of the main building of Tegel Airport on Sunday.Fabian summer

According to a spokeswoman for the group, first participants had already reached the airport in the morning. According to spokeswoman of the group is a symbolic action: The flight procedure should not be prevented and passengers should not be hindered. "Our protest is directed against aviation industry and politics and not against individual passengers," she said. Meanwhile, a group of activists was looking for people to look after protesters who had been arrested by the police.

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