Club America: The positions in which the Eagles could be and the possible rivals


He America club Miguel Piojo Herrera achieved the classification to the Liguilla with the 0-5 win against the Red Sharks of Veracruz and although at that time they had placed as the second place in the classification, El Necaxa managed to move the Eagles to 3rd place.

He America it will rest on the last day of the 2019 Opening so it will no longer add more points and the 3rd place can no longer climb positions; But down.

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This day had the good luck that neither Queretaro nor Tigres won but they still have one more game left to play and could bring down several positions to America:

It would be 3rd if:

If Xolos beat Leon, Tigres draw or lose to Juarez and Queretaro against Morelia, America would secure its 3rd place in the general classification and its rival could be Queretaro or Morelia.

It would be 4th if:

If only one of these results is given:

  • Leon wins or draws against Xolos
  • Tigres wins Juarez:
  • Queretaro defeats Morelia:

His rival would be Tigers or Lion

It would be 5th if:

Two of these results are given:

  • Leon wins or draws against Xolos
  • Tigres beat Juarez
  • Queretaro defeats Morelia

His Rival would be Tigres or Queretaro

It would be 6th if:

Yes The 3 results mentioned above are given. Club America would play the quarterfinals against Lion or Tigers

America It can not be in 7th or 8th because with 31 points, it is not possible to lower it to that position so in the worst case, it would close as 6th of the classification.

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