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At match Cienciano vs. Santos that is broadcast by Movistar Deportes (before CMD), ‘Dad’ approaches First after having an advantage goal in the score result thanks to a great goal from Breno Naranjo after Deyair Reyes center in match corresponding to day 22 of the National Football League 2.

YOU CAN SEE (Movistar TV LIVE) Cienciano vs. Santos FC: ‘Dad’ wins 2-0 for Liga 2 2019

Cienciano vs. Santos LIVE: relive the goal of Breno Naranjo

At the minute of play of the first half in the Cienciano vs. Saints, midfielder Deyair Reyes leaked a ball in the heart of the visiting area and the attacker of ’Dad’ connected an accurate ‘testazo’ to open the scoring in the ‘Garcilaso de la Vega’.

Minutes later, again, Breno Naranjo broke the rival fence again and decree 3-0 to Cienciano. 2-0 turned it Rudy Palomino

The cusquena squad only serves the victory if you want to return to the highest category of national football, League 1.

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