Coban aggravates the crisis of Xelaju MC


The Altaverapaceans triumphed in Quetzaltenango and put pressure on Communications.

Coban Imperial won 1-2 to Xelaju MC in the Mario Camposeco stadium, in the activity of the seventeenth day and provisionally puts himself in the first position, while the Chivos added their third consecutive defeat, further away their options for advancing to Phase Final.

The visit began to be better in the game, just three minutes were close to scoring, when Janderson Pereira was at the entrance of the area, but wanting to finish off hard ended up hitting the ball badly.

The cobaneros did not stop arriving, because Yonathan Moran also had his option, but was arrested by Alvaro Garcia and Josue Mitchell had the first with a header that went above the local goal.

At minute 26, the Blue Princes found the score, when Byron Leal took a ball outside the area where he was encouraged to shoot, but it was complicated to Alvaro Garcia that the ball was in his hands and thus the visit was put 0-1.

The situation was complicated for the Super Goats who could not find where to generate danger, they had possession of the ball but that did not happen, because they were unable to reach clearly the framework defended by Braulio Linares.

Even in the last minutes of the first part, the Quetzaltecs were booed by their hobby and more when the meeting went to rest.

For the complement, the locals looked better, more daring and loose to reach the opposite goal, but left spaces that were almost taken advantage of by the visit.

Josue Mitchell had the second for the Cobaneros, but his header went over the goal.

At 65 the Altaveracans scored 0-2, when Josue Odir Flores ran a free kick, which crashed into the barrier and then the ball bounced on Victor Guay's back, who unwittingly increased the score on the scoreboard for his team .

Those from home continued to dominate, without being a team with an idea and well standing, tried to find the discount, the clearest was the defender Dario Ferreira who crashed the ball on the crossbar after charging a free kick.

At 78 luck fell on the Quetzaltec side, when a series of rebounds within the area left Ferreira within the small area that put the 1-2 and gave his team hope to at least draw.

The quetzaltecos had a few minutes of intensity, but the cobaneros made an intelligent game, because they took advantage of this characteristic of the rival to play with their despair and urgency, to spend time.

In the end Coban Imperial won and reached 32 points, placing at the moment in the first place of the table, in the absence of the Communications match tomorrow.

Xelaju MC does not leave his bad moment, he added his third consecutive game without winning, he stayed with 21 units and is eighth in the table, complicating his aspirations for being in the Final Phase of the championship.

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