Cocaine nerds on the beaches of the Atlantic: already 763 kg found


Two new bales containing 10 and 21 kilograms of cocaine were found this Sunday on the beaches of Pornic (Loire-Atlantique) and Arcachon (Gironde).

These discoveries further increase the mystery of white powder packaging that has been stranded for three weeks on the beaches of the Atlantic coast. According to the prosecutor's office of Rennes, which was expressed Sunday evening, nearly 763 kilograms of cocaine have been recovered since the middle of October, with an acceleration since November 4th.

Do not handle the bales

In case of discovery of a package, the public prosecutor's office calls the population to directly contact the police or gendarmerie services. And above all, not to carry this product ("an offense punishable by 10 years imprisonment") and even less to handle and / or consume. This powder would indeed be up to 83% pure, according to the floor. A particularly dangerous dosage.

From the Basque Country to the Pays de la Loire, and the Landes, it is therefore a large part of the coast that is concerned by the phenomenon.

Cocaine nerds on the beaches of the Atlantic: already 763 kg found

The case was handled by the Rennes Interregional Specialized Jurisdiction against Organized Delinquency, in cooperation with the European and American authorities. "Several hypotheses are possible, but we prefer at this time a load shedding following a damage or a storm," said the prosecutor of the Republic Philippe Astruc. In September, bales of identical appearance were found far from the French beaches, along the coast of Florida in the United States.

These statements of the prosecutor's office in any case tend to sweep the thesis a time envisaged of voluntary dropping at sea. A police source, questioned a few days ago by the Parisian, evoked indeed the trail of small "ships loaded, at sea, to recover goods marked out, "which would have failed in their mission.

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