Colo Colo's CSyD called to end "the violent and crude repression" in Chile


The Colo Colo Social and Sports Club He condemned the violence and repression that has developed in our country as a result of the social outbreak. The Board of the Alba institution highlighted the cases of his fans Alex Nunez, who died in Maipu, and Gustavo Gatica, who could lose his sight due to damage to the pellets.

Through a statement they indicated: “The National Directory of the Colo-Colo Social and Sports Club strongly condemns violence and harsh repression that continues throughout our country, which has cost lives and has filled the wounded and wounded hospitals in Chile. ”

The paper adds: “We want to symbolize in the cases of the colocolinos Alex Nunez, deceased, and Gustavo Gatica, injured with pellets in his eyes, the urgent need to end the brutal repression, and seek, through the response to the just demands of the Chilean people the way out of this crisis, in which millions of people have joined in pursuit of a much more dignified life and which is based on the achievement of social justice ”.

In addition, through social networks they called the members a meeting at the Monumental Stadium, which will be a “social day” where they say “there will be conversational of the Constitution and its impact on our lives and various activities ”.

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