COLOMBIAN FOOTBALL | Ricardo Lunari and Esteban Jaramillo fight for the future of Millionaires for 2020 (Millionaire Technician for 2020)


In his stage as a player he left an unforgettable mark on the Bogota team, despite not winning any title, worse as DT went through and was indebted for the results. But now, 4 years after his departure from the technical direction, there was the 'tweet fight' between Ricardo Lunari and Esteban Jaramillo for the future of Millionaires.

As it turns out, the renowned sports journalist, who is currently not in any major media program, accused the gaucho of approaching the club and supposedly offering to be the replacement of Jorge Luis Pinto in the face of 2020. It is not very clear at what time or by what means he has done it, but it is assumed that it would be with his criticisms on Twitter and his interventions in the 'Divided Ball' program of ESPN Colombia.

The crossing of messages from Ricardo Lunari and Esteban Jaramillo for the future of Millionaires:

On November 8, 2019, the Jaramillo trill arrived, which had responses from Lunari and triggered the conversation between them:

"I can not believe you. @ricardolunari press the managers of @MFCFCoficial for his bad campaign and then asks for a hint as a new technical director. I don't understand you Ricardo"

"Where do I ask for a clue to be a Millionaire Esteban technician? And you have to applaud the managers when they are making mistakes? I work and said what I think because I don't owe anyone. I will never applaud when things are done badly"

"Cool dear @ricardolunari Should I believe you. But it seems like a ghost brought your resume to @MFCFCoficial do you know him?"

"It's normal. I'm a coach, I have a representative and he must get me a job. Millionaires have no coach, logically he brings my resume. Is it wrong to want to work? There must be very few technicians who want Millos more than me"

"You have every right. Today in the clubs there is no talk of love, which is not discussed, but of quality at work. I do not speak of applause because I have been critical. I just do not have to ask for a position from whom I disapprove."

"@ricardolunari cool crack. My respect for your career and friendship. Your past supports you. How will I ignore it?"

And before the response of the journalist, which some took as sarcastic, Lunari sent a couple of messages to close that day the topic and discussion:

"Too much twitter for Friday night. Never positive comments, most are bad vibes. Envy and jealousy are the most common features on twitter with few followers. See you tomorrow"

"Don't live giving so many explanations;

Friends need us.

The enemies do not believe them.

The assholes don't understand them "

Obviously in the fans there were also answers, but those messages from Ricardo Lunari and Esteban Jaramillo were left for the future of Millionaires, meanwhile in the directors nothing is resolved and it is expected that in the last week of November there will be some decision to have DT since December and thinking of 2020.

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