Colon: the pain of defeat in the Copa Sudamericana did not cover having been at the height of South American football


The Paraguayan Estigarribia dominates the ball high; Columbus could not but left proud Source: AFP

SANTA FE.- Colon proved to be up to the circumstances of South American football,
beyond the 3-0 defeat in the final of the South American Cup. The institution of the south of the city, 114 years old, built his passion with many achievements but with few tangible sports titles.

The club, which proved with the move to Asuncion to be one of the most conveners in the interior of the country, and that managed to arouse the interest of the international press, was founded on May 5, 1905 as the Columbus Foot-Ball Club, until In 1920 the current name was adopted. It was born as a football club and is the main activity that has been carried out at a professional level since 1913 when he joined the Santa Fe Regional Foot-Ball League.
Everyone knows that the road traveled was always full of obstacles, worries and many frustrations. From the old Liga Santafesina de Futbol, ​​the AFA affiliation in 1948, the presence of Eva Peron in its stadium, categories C and B, the legendary and still always remembered victory against Santos de Pele – May 10, 1964 -, the rise of '65, the team of Miguel Antonio "El gitano" Juarez in the 70s, the return to Primera of '95 that was founding of a Columbus that became a club that traveled a path of permanent growth , the international cups, the proper names of leaders, players and coaches that were shaping the history of the Centenario neighborhood institution.

There were many milestones in the life of this institution. One of the most remembered was registered in 1992 when the "Brigadier Lopez" stadium had a closing sentence. Temperley had melted and Columbus was on the same path. Until Jose Garcia, from the Rojinegro Fund, drove one Jose Nestor Vignatti, a farmer with agricultural exploitation 100 kilometers north of the capital. Since then, Columbus began writing different beautiful pages of his story. But enough water passed under the bridge to reach this reality.
Since that September 26, when Uruguayan goalkeeper Leonardo Burian became the hero of the semifinal in Brazil before the 40,000 fans of Mineiro, everything was reduced to a single game. As if the 114-year history of the Club were compressed so much, that some realized that the match against Santos de Pele was "only a friendly" or that the historic victory by 1 to 0 in the Morumbi – the first Argentine team in achieve it in regulatory time- "it was no use" or that the victory most remembered in a classic left "little flavor".

The formation of Columbus that will remain in history
The formation of Columbus that will remain in history Source: AFP

Columbus made his fourth participation in the South American event (he had previously played it in 2003, 2012 and 2018), but it was the first time he reached the decisive clash. It was measured for the first time before an Ecuadorian club. His rival, however, already had experience: in 2016 he lost the final of the Copa Libertadores against Atletico Nacional (2-1 in the global). "Los Rayados del Valle", as they are known in the region, played the South American for the third time (the previous ones, in 2013 and 2014).

Sabalera passion in Asuncion
Sabalera passion in Asuncion Source: AFP

To star in this final, he defeated one of the best Argentine teams today, such as Argentinos Juniors; He eliminated a tough opponent like Atletico Mineiro in the semifinals. For this reason nobody was encouraged to detract from the road, because teams like Independiente, Corinthians or Racing, wanted to be where this sabalero team is today.
There were transcendent decisions this year. The hiring of Pablo Lavallen to lead a team that was formed as players arrived. Perhaps the case of "The Flea" Rodriguez was the most decisive. The tucumano arrived earlier this year wrapped in thousands of misunderstandings and conjectures that brought him closer to politics. Little did all this matter because with his football quality he quickly won the heart of the Sabaleros. More than half of the goals were converted by him or by a play he started. His presence on the pitch is so important that Columbus could never win without him in the starting lineup. Luis Rodriguez is the emblem of this team. It is the positive reference that led the club to this historic final.

The rest will tell the story. Columbus already wrote part of his.


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