Comment: "Lucien Favre has gone," it says – but the problem with BVB is another


After the 0: 4 by Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern Munchen, there is again criticism of Lucien Favre. But the BVB has another problem – a comment.

  • BVB coach Lucien Favre is under criticism
  • The latest results speak for the Swiss
  • Favre gets backing from a regular player

November 10 update, 6:33 pm: Comment – Favre's limits are on this team

Mats Hummels does not need media training. Dortmund's center-back knows how to articulate. His analysis after the disaster of Munich, the BVB is only on good days, a top troupe, brings it to the point. The Dortmund team, before the season of its own responsible for the championship candidate, has been missing for months, any constancy. Of 84 possible points in the calendar year 2019 brought this eleven full of doubt, highly talented footballer 53 counters. Far too little for the longed for championship round around the Borsigplatz.

The crucial question: Does coach Lucien Favre not get everything out of this team – or is this squad not as good as the BVB boardrooms and experts had suspected?

Watzke, Zorc and Co. should answer this question quickly. The mood among the supporters is irritated, other sporting "non-services" (Zorc) should ensure a serious break between fans and team.

The latter has – even if Marco Reus will not taste it – a mentality problem. The potential for high performance is theoretically available. That proved them against Barcelona, ​​Leverkusen, Gladbach and last Inter Milan. However (almost) never over 90 minutes. And above all always in your own stadium. Away from home, BVB are a welcome guest, six six-game scorers are an embarrassing record for a team with these claims. The Zorc demanded "men's football" (a by the way fallen out of time formulation) showed Dortmund in Munich to no second, on the contrary. No-one, with the exception of Hummels, seemed to have been interested in duels.

Zorc, whose demand before the Schalke game, "want to win with every fiber in the body," just as unheard of, has put together this apparently difficult to lead team. The development to a top team has not succeeded despite the expenditure of over 120 million euros – as of today. The focus will be in the international break but still Favre instead of Zorc. The sports director already took the coach into protection. He finally has no desire for a new coach debate. Nevertheless, it will certainly catch fire. Favre, an undisputed expert, seems to be pushing his limits with this team, which he abandoned on Saturday. bop

Witsel defends BVB coach Favre: "We have the right coach"

Update November 6, 10:58 am: In the discussion about the future of Lucien Favre at Borussia Dortmund midfielder Axel Witsel has strengthened his coach.

"He's an excellent coach, we have the right coach and the right team to win the title," said the 30-year-old Belgian footballer in an interview with the Sports picture,

This responded to a few days before the Bundesliga summit at Bayern Munich with top striker Robert Lewandowski, in which is considered set in the starting line-up of BVB, the criticism that Favre despite the recent success occurs too emotionless and the runner-up after a playful strong season in the previous year would no longer develop.

"I absolutely can not confirm the impression," said Witsel. Favre has not changed, on the contrary. "He tackles every game with great motivation and 100% conviction of winning, and he knows we're all players behind him," said Witsel.

Update from October 25th, 6:28 pm: This news ticker is over, Jose Mourinho himself has ruled out a commitment to Borussia Dortmund. For Lucien Favre, the pressure will not be lower. How the BVB coach handles this, read here.

Update from October 24th, 11.24 am: The turf derby could become the final for Lucien Favre. At least some fans from Borussia Dortmund think so. After the defeat against Inter Milan, not only the pressure of the international press is increasing. The BVB coach has to deliver. An away win of BVB in the derby against FC Schalke would be a good start.

In the event of a defeat Borussia Dortmund would inevitably have to deal with a coach dismissal. Sporting director Michael Zorc affirmed on Sky, one holds fast to Favre. The pressure from outside continues to rise. Favre himself remains calm. "That's the way it is, it will be less," he said to Sky. Yes, but he has to win. Best against arch-rivals FC Schalke 04 on Saturday (15.30 / live on TV).

However, Favre also receives backing from those responsible for other Bundesliga clubs. Borussia MOnchengladbach's sporting director Max Eberl told t-online news portal Borussia MOnchengladbach's sporting director Max Eberl, "The season opener this year was not outstanding, but it was not bad, Lucien now from the outside to evaluate how it is currently done is excessive."

This is a dilemma for BVB. If you release Lucien Favre, you need an adequate replacement. In the middle of the season. Jose Mourinho was considered a hot candidate for a successor, Zorc denied the rumor but vehemently. In addition, you may just have to give Favre more time. The upheaval at Borussia Dortmund is still not complete, the newcomers must take – maybe even Saturday at Revierderby against FC Schalke.

Will Mourinho be the next coach at BVB? Zorc: "It's a real friendship with men"

Update, 20:52: Starting coach Jose Mourinho is to succeed Lucien Favre at BVB – The rumor persists: Now (again) sports director Michael Zorc has been involved in the coaching discussion. He confesses to Favre – but also points to a special connection between Hans-Joachim Watzke, CEO of Borussia Dortmund, and coach Mourinho.

"I think the article is based on that, it's a real men's friendship that lasts for many years," Zorc told Sky before the Champions League match Inter Milan against Borussia Dortmund with a view to the connection between Mourinho and BVB boss Watzke , This was the first report of the sports picture. More just not.

We have no coaching discussion, we do not have a coaching discussion and we are glad that we have Lucien Favre ", said Zorc in front of the district derby, where FC Schalke 04 will distribute free beer.

Decisive weeks for Favre – star coach as a possible successor in the sights

Update October 23, 9:44 am: BVB faces decisive games. The upcoming English weeks with Bundesliga, Champions League against Inter Milan and DFB Cup will give a hint where the sporting trip for Borussia Dortmund goes – and probably on for Lucien Favre.

The coach is due to the earnings crisis in the criticism, was able to get away with the recent 1-0 win over MOnchengladbach but air. However, the coming weeks are not going according to plan of the Dortmunder responsible, also seems an early separation from the head coach conceivable – even if the club bosses around CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke want to avoid the scenario of a change of coach in the middle of the season.

But in the event that the goals are endangered with Favre as coach, BVB looks for possible successors. As a hot candidate applies to information of Sports picture Jose Mourinho, He is considered a "royal solution," writes the paper.

Watzke and Mourinho have been friends for years and are always in contact, he said. "The Special One" had recently declares suitably, to be able to imagine a change in the Bundesliga. He even learns German.

No topic for a short-term commitment to BVB, however, are Roger Schmidt and Bremen Florian Kohfeldt.

Update October 17, 11:39: BVB goalkeeper Roman Burki puts himself protectively ahead of his coach Lucien Favre. "We are a team – it is up to us players to come out together," said goalkeeper Burki with a view to the heavy home game of BVB against leaders Borussia MOnchengladbach on Saturday (18.30 clock / live on TV or live in our ticker). "The coach is an excellent tactician who always tries to bring a healthy positivity in the cabin," Burki told the Sports picture,

BVB goalkeeper Roman Burki takes his coach Lucien Favre (r.) In protection.

© dpa

Borussia Dortmund has started rather moderately into the Bundesliga season, waiting for a victory. BVB coach Lucien Favre has been criticized. They say he does not make his team hot. "He's not a brand-talking man, but works very meticulously and with attention to detail, he wants to make each one a little better every day," Burki said. And: "In the preseason he has given our game with great football a face, we want to play offensively, score many goals, win every match – even the games against Bayern or Barcelona."

Criticism of Favre grows – Medium brings spectacular successor into conversation

Update, October 9th, 10.09 am: With all the public criticism of the current BVB coach Lucie Favre is added that CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke in his book Jurgen Klopp backhanded and spoke of a mistake, just let him go, as you read here.

Update, October 8, 10:25 am: The criticism of Borussia Dortmund coach Lucien Favre is growing. Not internally, as Michael Zorc emphasized. "There is no coach discussion, nothing has changed," said the sports director of BVB image"The situation is fundamentally unsatisfactory, we could not win the third league game in a row, we lost the lead three times and we are on the spot – the only positive thing after this match day is that not a lot has happened in the table."

Therefore, a replacement of Favre is currently not up for discussion. It could look different if the results continue to fail. The image brings in this case Ralf Rangnick (61) as a successor to the conversation. The former Leipzig coach and successor would certainly be a spectacular solution. Whether realistic, is an open question. For a welcome distraction from the topic there is perhaps the appearance of some BVB stars in "Do you understand fun?".

Update, 15:51: The tone around Borussia Dortmund is rougher, the criticism of BVB coach Lucien Favre is growing. There are backing from Nico Schulz, who has praise for Favre in the interview. The fans want a turnaround with some radical demands – even a dismissal. But is it so bad for Borussia Dortmund?

Admittedly, the last performances were not successful. But not by failure. The 0: 0 against FC Barcelona has certainly cost the players of BVB much strength. Lucien Favre fired so soon, just because the victories are missing? That would be the wrong way. On the other hand, the displeasure is growing among the BVB fans. Some are already demanding "Favre has to go".

"Favre dismissed" and "Favre must go" – eye-catching keywords in the net

In any case, in the past 24 hours, people who searched the Internet for "Lucien Favre" have also searched for the terms "dismiss Favre" and "Favre must go" – the terms reached a notable value.

The sporting results may still be correct, BVB had previously so far this season only in newly promoted Union Berlin. But the big throws were missing. In view of the quality of the squad, the strong last season and the goals set, so apparently still resentment – which then can only show in a simple query on the Internet.

Despite all the criticism, there are also advocates who beat the side of BVB coach Lucien Favre. On Facebook and Twitter some black and yellow fans demand calm and serenity. Borussia Dortmund would probably also be the best advised. The BVB has just once again win a game, then the criticism should abate – and perhaps distracts the upcoming international break something from the way, Lukasz Piszczek incidentally can use to recover from his injury.

Lucien Favre in the review: Tuchel or Mourinho to BVB? Crazy rumors circulate

Update from 6th October, 11.22 clockAfter the 2: 2 in Freiburg it hailed again criticism against BVB coach Lucien Favre. Because again Borussia Dortmund has not managed to play an opponent on the wall – although black and yellow has taken the lead twice. That does not necessarily calm the coaching discussion.

And to a true coach discussion, which denies the club itself, of course, are also rumors about possible successors – because was thrown after the game SC Freiburg – Borussia Dortmund a powerfully prominent name in the round: "the special one".

Funky rumors after Favre criticism: Mourinho or Tuchel to BVB?

That's right, Jose Mourinho should be a topic at Borussia Dortmund. The former coach of Manchester United is currently jobless, would be happy about a commitment. However, there should not be much to the rumor. Favre continues to be the preferred solution of sporting director Michael Zorc and BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke at BVB. There would probably be a scenario more realistic that the bloggers of – not quite seriously meant – have painted.

"BVB wants to bring after the new setback coach Thomas Tuchel back to Dortmund," it says in the report. The text is fed with fictional statements by Watzke. It should be satirical, but there is nothing serious about it. Thomas Tuchel will remain at BVB (where he trains, among others, the former Schalke Thilo Kehrer). The fact is: Favre, who is criticized, inter alia, for dealing with Julian Brandt, must deliver to BVB. Otherwise, the jokes eventually turn out to be facts and Borussia Dortmund is actually looking around for a new coach.

Criticism of coach Lucien Favre at BVB: Bremen's Florian Kohfeldt is mighty angry

Update from October 2nd, 6:37 pm: Florian Kohfeldt of SV Werder Bremen is traded as a possible successor of Lucien Favre as coach of Borussia Dortmund. Now he has commented – and was angry.

"I am speaking out now because I find these reports disrespectful to Lucien Favre," Kohfeldt said on Wednesday* and took active position on the discussions about his person in matters Borussia Dortmund and Lucien Favre.

Furthermore, Kohfeldt, who is acting as successor to Lucien Favre, made it clear: "I am in Bremen, and stay in Bremen." The coach of SV Werder Bremen was quite angry about the ongoing criticism of Favre.

"It's not enough to start such a discussion," Kohfeldt said. Thus, in his view, the discussions about Favre BVB are over. However, Favre should soon win again – that was the case against Slavia Prague. However, remains a bland aftertaste, finds our BVB reporter in his comment.

Crazy rumor! BVB coach Lucien Favre turns coach discussion – he reacts defiantly

Update, 6:51 pm: Borussia Dortmund talked to Jurgen Klopp's advisor about Werder Bremen coach Florian Kohfeldt. What came out of it is questionable. BVB coach Lucien Favre wants to know but nothing. He continues as usual. But there was contact. That's for sure, like* reported.

As part of the press conference before the game Slavia Prague against Borussia Dortmund, the BVB coach commented on the rumors and the upcoming coach discussion. He reacted defiantly – concentrating entirely on the task in the Champions League.

Update, 5:49 pm: Also BVB coach Lucien Favre does not want to pay much attention to the upcoming coach discussions at Borussia Dortmund. "I have been in the coaching business for 30 years and I know such things," he said at the press conference before the game Slavia Prague vs. Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League.

BVB coach Lucien Favre in the review: Borussia Dortmund has probably successor in the sights

Update from October 1st, 12:16 pm: Sebastian Kehl, head of the licensing player department of the BVB, has taken a stand to the coach discussion around Lucien Favre. At the same time Kehl has also made an appeal to the team of Borussia Dortmund.

Favre was recently advised at BVB in the criticism. "We are on matchday six, there are three points to the top of the table, it is still very early," Kehl told the newspapers Spark media group, In addition to the current coach discussion at BVB Kehl has a clear opinion. "The discussion is ridiculous, it does not exist internally," he said in reference to Favre.

BVB coach Lucien Favre had to accept the last criticism that the BVB does not show enough will to win a game. "Of course we know we're not playing our best football right now, so we have to get over it all, and that's the best way to start tomorrow," Kehl said. BVB face Slavia Prague in the Champions League on Wednesday (in our live ticker) – but Borussia Dortmund have to do without an important player, Paco Alcacer is injured.

BVB coach Lucien Favre in the review: Borussia Dortmund has probably successor in the sights

Dortmund – Lucien Favre has surpassed expectations in his first season with Borussia Dortmund. That could now be his fate. Because when you saw what BVB is capable of, you wanted more. Championship, title. Favre might fail, maybe he's already wobbling.

Because at Borussia Dortmund the power structures are clear. However, one should not underestimate a force: the South Stand. If Favre loses the support of the fans, the BVB can hardly hold on to him and would have to dismiss him. But Favre is not the type to gather the masses with flaming speeches. The meticulous football teacher can only do well with another weapon: he has to achieve positive results with his type of football.

Lucien Favre could not ignite any emotional fireworks at Borussia Dortmund

Actually, Borussia Dortmund has also retracted. Actually. Because the two draws against Eintracht Frankfurt and SV Werder Bremen raise doubts. The BVB is obviously missing the last bite. Favre could not convey his team yet. He analyzes, he explains, but he has not yet managed to continuously drive the team of BVB to peak performance.

BVB coach Favre has to compete with Jurgen Klopp again and again – that raises doubts

The comparison with world coach Jurgen Klopp, who soon returns to Dortmund, is not appropriate in this case, but inevitably comes up. Some fans even demand the dismissal of Favre. This is too radical given the circumstances – they are only three points in the league behind leaders and defending champions FC Bayern Munich, in the Champions League (next game: Wednesday, 18.55 clock, against Slavia Prague, here live on TV) is still open and the minimum goal achievable. But nevertheless the structure looks shaky.

Is Favre shaking at BVB? Borussia Dortmund is in contact with another Bundesliga coach

Ironically, a Bundesliga coach is traded there as a possible successor. There has already been contact between Borussia Dortmund and Werder Bremen Florian Kohfeldt. "This is not unusual in the football business, especially since Kohfeldt's consultant Marc Kosicke has an excellent track record with BVB, and his most prominent client is Jurgen Klopp," reports *. If Favre really should be released sometime at BVB, Kohfeldt would probably be the first choice.

Zorc and other BVB officials stand behind Coach Favre: How much longer?

The Werder coach is also similar in his way in dealing with the fans with Jurgen Klopp, is approachable and passionate. Things that Favre does not necessarily distinguish. Things that many BVB fans miss.

However, at least two things speak against the fact that the coach carousel will soon be rotating between Weser and Ruhr. First: Florian Kohfeldt is bound to Bremen until 2023, he would like to fulfill this contract at least until 2021. Second: Not only BVB sporting director Michael Zorc has recently expressed confidence in Borussia Dortmund's Favre. The BVB wants to build something long-term – and can not be brought by minor bumps from the step. Not yet.

Away from Favre and the BVB – View to the rival rivals FC Schalke 04:

For a change, arch rival FC Schalke 04 will not have to worry about this. For the miners, he is currently running so well that coach David Wagner – whose predecessor, Domenico Tedesco, could have found a new club – even on the euphoria brake must press – especially at the next home game, in which the FC Schalke for the first time parking fees wants to cash, in opponents 1. FC Cologne is a cornered animal waiting. maho

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