Competition for James Rodriguez: Real Madrid seeks Jordan Sancho


James Rodriguez does not live a good present in Real Madrid. His injuries and controversies have him in the eye of the hurricane and despite being one of the favorite players of the fans and the press, he has lost all credits and everything points to the revival of discords with the coach Zinedine Zidane.

So, again, rumors have begun about his departure from the club and the arrival of new players for the ‘merengue’ squad in that position. In addition to what would be the inevitable departure from Gareth Bale in the midst of the rebellion he has declared with the institution, to leave for Asian football.

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That way, according to the Daily Mail of England, in Real Madrid they want to give a new air to the squad with young players like Rodrygo and Valverde, looking for a stellar signing for the winter market. Jordan Sancho would be the new obsession of Florentino Perez according to the aforementioned medium.

With only 19 years, is one of the most valued players of his age in world football. His departure from Borussia Dortmund would cost a figure close to 100 million euros and would be the great acquisition of Real Madrid for next season, but paying the land now.

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Regarding James, he will be with the Colombia selection On the FIFA date where he will face Ecuador and Peru in the United States and his future is uncertain in Real Madrid, several international media place him in Premier League clubs, even for the winter market.

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