Complaints of police violence gain strength in Chile


Popular demonstrations in Chile continued with growing complaints about the increase in violence by police forces against peaceful demonstrations.

In the Baquedano Square of this capital, which many already call Plaza de la Dignidad, hundreds of people began to congregate this afternoon, including members of the Medical College, to denounce the indiscriminate use of pellets and rubber bullets by police forces.

Precisely, the citizen's rejection of the actions of the Carabineros body increased when it was known today that a young university student, identified as Gustavo Gatica, was practically blind during the demonstrations on Friday in that square after being hit by pellets in both eyes.

The president of Human Rights of the Medical College, Enrique Morales, said that the 21-year-old is the first person injured in both eyes by pellets, and remains in the Santa Maria clinic, in this capital, where medical staff tries to to recover at least partial vision in one of your eyes.

Therefore, Morales called to demand the end of the use of non-lethal ammunition by police forces against protesters, and said that more than 200 people have been affected his vision by this practice that seems to become commonplace.

The young man's delicate health situation led hundreds of people to congregate in vigil in front of the Santa Maria clinic, where some incidents occurred when police tried to disperse them using even tear gas.

For its part, the National Institute of Human Rights (NHRI) informed that it will present an accusation in this case.

In the same direction, the administration of the Gustavo Fricke Hospital, in the city of Valparaiso, announced that it will bring legal actions against those responsible for the actions of the special forces of Carabineros in that health center, the day before.

According to denounced Leonardo Reyes, director of the hospital, during the day yesterday the police threw bombs and tear gas around and inside the hospital, and even its troops invaded the center while another day of protests against government policies was taking place.

The doctor, who described this situation as unacceptable, said that at least ten people were treated at that hospital yesterday, of which six presented different contusions and four showed impacts of pellets or pellets.

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