Condemnation Diaz-Canel attempted coup in Bolivia


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Havana, Nov 10 (ACN) President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez today condemned the attempted coup in Bolivia against the government of Evo Morales, to whom he reiterated the support of the Cubans.

We condemn the coup opposition strategy that has unleashed violence in #Bolivia, which has cost deaths, hundreds of wounded and condemnable expressions of racism towards native peoples, says the president in a tweet.

We support @evoespueblo. #EvoNoestas just states Diaz-Canel in your account on the social network Twitter.

What is happening in Bolivia is a coup d'etat led by civic committees, opposition parties and to which the National Police has now joined; sectors of ultra right, ultra conservative and anti-rights.

In Bolivia, the coup d'etat has presented an escalation of violence in which the townspeople have been victims of humiliation, physical aggressions, torture, by violent groups that do not respect democracy.

The government of President Evo Morales remains firm in his position to seek a constitutional exit to the political crisis, for this, he has summoned to the dialogue the four parties that have achieved parliamentary representation in the elections of October 20, while summoning the people to defend democracy and social conquests that the people themselves have achieved, with peaceful demonstrations.

I make a call, respect for the family, respect for property, respect for authorities, all social sectors, all we have in Bolivia is the heritage of the Bolivian people, Morales said as an expression of his peacekeeping will.

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