Copa Libertadores Final 2019: Ricardo Lay Brazilian journalist visited the Monumental and launches harsh criticism of the University Stadium | River vs. Flamengo | Twitter


Ricardo Lay Fox Sport Brasil journalist, arrived at the Monumental to be present in the duel for the 15th day of the Clausura Tournament between University Sports Ayacucho FCHowever, his stay was not entirely pleasant as he launched harsh criticism against the venue that will host the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019.

The clash between River Plate and Flamengo on November 23 that will take place in the Colossus of Ate, has put the Peruvian capital in the eyes of the world and many want to know how is the stadium where the most important game of the year will be played, so journalists and media have made an analysis of the deficiencies and virtues of the Monumental.

As he showed in his social networks, Lay is not very happy with what was seen this Saturday at the 'U' stadium, because he says there are many points to improve among them the cleaning, but his biggest concern is No doubt the time it took to get to the stadium.

“Como (the stadium of academic) is next to a mountain, the stairs and benches are full of dirt. It is a point that has to be improved for the final of the Copa Libertadores de America. One takes a long time to get here, at least we have taken an hour, "said Fox Sport Brasil journalist in his account Twitter.

Final of the Copa Libertadores 2019: Remodeling of the Monumental Stadium

The University administration has already begun to work on the reforms that the Colossus of Ate will undergo, among them it is highlighted that a well-known cleaning systems company was hired to sanitize the enclosure as it was not done 19 years ago, it will also make improvements in The wifi zone for people press.

Final of the Copa Libertadores 2019: Why was Lima chosen as the venue for the match between River and Flamengo?

In the first instance, the stadium chosen for the only final of the Copa Libertadores 2019, was the National of Santiago, however the political problems that afflict Chile prevented the corresponding security measures from being provided, so the option of Lima jumped as the most viable, above Medellin and Asuncion.

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