Cotton swaddled at the Salon Bleu: the young Pequistes invite Catherine Dorion to respect the decorum


The president of the young Pequistes invites the solidarity Catherine Dorion to respect the decorum of the National Assembly, out of respect for the people who fight for the democracy.

The cotton wool with which Mme Dorion presented herself at the Salon Bleu last Thursday was "a lack of respect for our institutions," said PQ National Youth Committee President Frederique St-Jean, on the sidelines of the party's refoundation convention in Trois-Rivieres. .

"I'm very open, but at some point, I think you look around the world with Chile, Lebanon, Algeria, who demonstrate to have a democracy … We, we have a beautiful democracy, we "We have people in the National Assembly who are doing their job because they want to do their job as MPs," she adds. At some point, I think we must also respect that function. We are lucky in Quebec to have a beautiful democracy. "

Ms. St-Jean stresses that she does not want to be "with Trump" in Quebec. "You have to be careful," she says.

Requested rules

Interim leader Pascal Berube, for his part, asks the President of the National Assembly to clarify the rules concerning clothing at the Salon Bleu. "It takes a settlement," he says. For the moment, the rule simply states that a member must present himself in "city dress", a relatively broad definition.

For the rest, Mr. Berube refuses to comment on the incident. "I do not want to comment on that, because we play the game of those who want to be noticed," he says.

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