Counterfeit: Microsoft claims 2.4 million euros to a Toulouse


At the hearing in the Toulouse Criminal Court, a 67-year-old Croatian national was sentenced to 2 years in prison.

On paper, the name of the website flourished the local. But nothing to do with short circuits: the goods came from China. A Croatian national has been tried by the Toulouse Criminal Court as part of a large file of counterfeit software Microsoft and Adobe.

An illegal activity in which she had embarked with her husband, who died since an illness, at least since 2016. Installed in Toulouse, both imported products by plane via the carrier on behalf of their microenterprise. But at the airport, the police have detected a first suspicious delivery. Then two, then three.

An account in Hong Kong

Co-referral to the Research Section (SR) of Toulouse and the National Service of Judicial Customs (SNDJ), the investigation quickly established that in addition to Toulouse, computer companies based in Amiens and Strasbourg are also regularly stocked with counterfeit material. On the Toulouse plate, the products were sold from a website: Nothing to do with Midi-Pyrenees since the host was in China. On November 15, 2017, a search was carried out in the couple's home in Toulouse.

At this moment, 688 software and 318 counterfeit stickers were seized without forgetting the hundreds of products that were found in the north of France. In total, investigators estimate 7,710 the number of fraudulent products that have passed from China to France between January 1, 2016 and October 1, 2017. Damage suffered by Microsoft: about 2.4 million euros.

A discount for a wholesale purchase

For buyers, the "deal" was rather attractive: pay $ 5 for software Windows 10 Pro 64-bit which resells, normally, about 160 €. And there was even the possibility of getting a discount for a bulk purchase. In terms of benefits for the couple, difficult to quantify since both had opened an account in Hong Kong.

But the gendarmes of the financial division of the SR, the Ecofi, have still seized 90 000 € on several French accounts. This sum was reinjected into the state coffers via Agrasc (agency for the management and recovery of assets seized and confiscated).

EUR 2,4 million of injury

At the hearing in the Criminal Court of Toulousethe accused, aged 67, was sentenced to 2 years in prison. The civil interest hearing will be held on December 4. The lawyer of Microsoft France, Me Jean-Francois Jesus, is preparing to ask the amount of the damage suffered, the tidy sum of 2.4 million euros.

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