County of Stendal: Puhlmann and Wulfanger go into the runoff election


In the district of Stendal, a runoff must decide who becomes new district administrator. In the election on Sunday, none of the three candidates came to the necessary majority of at least 50 percent of the vote. In the run-off election on 1 December now incumbent Carsten Wulfanger (CDU) and his challenger Patrick Puhlmann (SPD, supported by FDP, Greens and left) must compete against each other. On Puhlmann accounted for 46.9 percent of the vote, incumbent Wulfanger got 32.5 percent. AfD candidate Arno Bausemer came to 20.6 percent of the vote. He has missed the move to the district office thus.

Although more than voters participated in the election than in the election seven years ago (16 percent), participation was still low at 36.2 percent.

During the election campaign, the focus was primarily on the future economic development of the district.

Election seven years ago in the eyes of the judiciary

In the 2012 election, incumbent Wulfanger had won just under 69 votes ahead of his rival in the runoff. To date, the District Election 2012 but also involved the judiciary: 2017, the public prosecutor Stendal had opened investigations on suspicion of electoral and document falsification. The investigation is still going on. There are still supplementary documentary reports, said a spokeswoman for the prosecutor Stendal.

Runoff also in Lutherstadt Eisleben

Eisleben was also voted Sunday in Lutherstadt. Even there, the decision on the future mayor in a runoff. According to the city's online census, Carsten Staub (non-party, supported by the CDU) came to 45.1 percent in Sunday's poll. He has to compete against Kathrin Gantz (Die Linke, 32 percent) on December 1st. Steffen Dlugosch (AfD) thus came to 20.1 percent of the vote. Marco Nagel (The Party) reached 2.7 percent. The longtime Mayor Jutta Fischer of the SPD no longer ran for city hall.

New in Eisleben is that in future the city will no longer have a mayor at the top – but only a mayor. The reason is that the number of inhabitants in Lutherstadt has dropped.

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