Crash in Freiburg: Giant riots after assaulting Christian Streich


Freiburg –

What shocking scenes in the Bundesliga duel between SC Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt! After an average kick, the hosts were after a late goal by Nils Petersen (77) on winning course, it was already the stoppage time.

Then there was a fateful scene. The ball was not far from the Freiburg coach Christian Streich (54) went out, Eintracht captain David Abraham ran to the SCF coach to get the ball. He rammed the cult coach suddenly with a violent body-check to the ground!

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Frankfurt's David Abraham pushed Freiburg coach Christian Streich to the ground.

Mass wailing and hunting scenes at the SC Freiburg

Immediately, the whole bank of the hosts jumped up, numerous players went on Abraham. Also Frankfurt players stormed in, there was a huge pack formation. Referee Felix Brych (44), supervisor and folder had every effort to calm the situation, but finally succeeded.

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After the Abraham attack, there was a huge pack formation and hunting scenes.

Even prank Abraham then took in the arm. The coach was quite sober afterwards: "He's just running me over the pile. But: shutdown. Football is a martial art. That was in the wrong place now. But you should not talk stupid afterwards. It was a hot game. "

Nevertheless, everyone in the stadium wondered: what had ridden the Argentine in his action? Spicy: The slow motion shows that prank just before the collision Abraham still a few words. Which these were and whether the Frankfurt defender has understood them at all is unclear.

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Double red after hunting scenes

The riots had consequences: Abraham saw – of course – the red card. He should expect a long suspension. Freiburg's Vincenzo Grifo also saw red after pack formation, he had grabbed Abraham by the neck after his attack. Eintracht pro Gelson Fernandes had already seen the yellow-red card in the first half.

"That overshadows much. He can not do that. He felt provoked. He is emotional, but that must not happen to him, "said Frankfurt sports boss Fredi Bobic (48). Perhaps Abraham had felt provoked by the fact that Streich had not stopped the ball that went out beside him. At least Bobic hinted.

Christian Streich: "Calming did not work anymore"

Streich said: "Yes, the ball came out quickly, with me. But I'm not here to make the game fast. "The coach added," Abraham is an extremely emotional player. Calming did not work anymore, he was on full throttle. He has blown the fuses. And that's it."

Of course, one thing went completely unnoticed at the end: The Freiburg's 1-0 victory and the leap to fourth in the Bundesliga table.

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