Crash in Freiburg: That says Christian Streich after the Rambo attack by Frankfurt professional David Abraham


It was the last moments in the match between SC Freiburg and Eintracht Frankfurt – it was the fourth minute of stoppage time. Freiburg coach Christian Streich ran a ball past him, Eintracht captain David Abraham sprinted up to carry out the throw-in. But he did not pass Streich, but checked the 54-year-old with his upper body.

The coach went down, the bank of Freiburg jumped up, went on Abraham. They were hunting-like scenes until Freiburg and Frankfurt could be distinguished. The Eintracht captain saw referee Felix Brych the red card. After consulting the video evidence also saw the already replaced Freiburg professional Vincenzo Grifo still red, because he had attacked Abraham physically.

Moments later, the SC coach seemed to be well again, took offender Abraham in the arm, according to the motto: All right. Eintracht sporting director Fredi Bobic commented on the incident: "It's overshadowing a lot, he can not do that and he can not do it, it's unnecessary barriers that no one needs." When the Sky reporter asked what Streich could have shouted at him, he simply said, "That does not interest you." He appealed to the role model function of the professionals. "The players are role models, there will be consequences for all those involved, that's it."

How did Streich himself experience the scene? "The ball came out, I just stood there and Abraham is an extremely emotional player, I just can not get away and he's going to blow me over." He did not hurt himself, "although of course you can not keep up with 54 years, when you run around by such a young buffalo," he said on the Sky Micro. The Freiburg coach tried to downplay the scene a bit, saying: It was a hot game, so do not cheat after that. " Streich could only have guessed what the trigger was: "Abraham was in full throttle – and I'm not responsible for making the game fast, he was just fully charged and he was blown away for wanting to win the game . "

When the emotions were boiled down a little on Sunday evening, the catacombs once again came to reconciliation. Streich and Abraham hugged each other, the Argentinian apologized. Together with the other red-sinner Grifo, they even went to the Frankfurt cabin.

When anger overcooks: The biggest frills in football history

Oliver Kahn: In just one game, Oliver Kahn made two strikes in 1999. In the 2: 2 against BVB, he was not only negative due to his kung fu step in the direction of Stephane Chapuisat, but also with a bite against Heiko Herrlich. Although today's Leverkusen coach later admitted having provoked the FCB keeper on the recommendation of Jurgen Kohler, but Kahn's ear-nibbling was really not expected.


On the sporting outcome of the game: The game was influenced by an unnecessary dismissal for Frankfurt Gelson Fernandes (45.), who had come too late just before the break against Jonathan Schmid. Nils Petersen scored in front of 24,000 spectators the decisive goal (77.) for the hosts, who played a half-time in excess. While the Breisgauer climbed to fourth place in the Bundesliga, Frankfurt slipped to rank nine after the sixth game in 18 days.

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