Criticism of ground rent: "revealing" – SPD left attack agreement of the coalition tops


Germany Criticism of ground rent

"Debunking" – SPD left attack agreement of the coalition points

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Kramp-Karrenbauer, SOder and Dreyer to agree on the basic pension

The grand coalition has reached an agreement in the dispute over the basic pension. Follow the statements of party leaders Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (CDU), Markus SOder (CSU) and Malu Dreyer (SPD) here in full length.

Social SPD expert Lauterbach scolds the agreement on the basic pension a "minimal solution". It was revealing that the coalition leaders missed respect for the work of women. Hilde Mattheis complained that the compromise was far from the SPD claim.

IOpposition to the compromise between the leaders of the Union and the SPD on basic pensions is voiced in the SPD Left. SPD social politician Karl Lauterbach spoke of a "minimal solution". It was disappointing that women who had worked for 35 years on poor pay, now probably due to the income of their spouse would not get their own basic pension, said Lauterbach WORLD.

"The original bill by Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) was much fairer because it was based on respect for the work of women," said Lauterbach. "I find it unmasking that the mother's pension, which the CSU had contested, was never discussed as an income test. At that time it was said: Of course, the women get the additional pension points in recognition of their motherhood. "Now show:" The respect for motherhood is obviously greater than respect for the work of women. "

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The SPD left Hilde Mattheis also expressed harsh criticism: "The income test is a compromise, which is far from the SPD entitlement of a basic pension without needs test," said Mattheis WORLD. "Many questions remain open, such as whether the income test is individual or how Hartz IV considers the income of married couples."

On the other hand, the compromise was praised by Union parliamentary group leader Hermann GrOhe (CDU). He told WELT: "It is good that the Union has prevented an unfeasible watering can policy. A renewed income test in the coalition committee ensures that the basic pension is only available when there is a real need. All in all, a good compromise. "

After months of strife, the grand coalition had launched the basic pension for low paid on Sunday. After more than five hours of negotiations in the Chancellery, CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer spoke of a "reasonable solution", SPD leader Malu Dreyer of a "very, very good" agreement. CSU leader Markus SOder told the Social Democrats that there was no reason to discuss the coalition's survival.

The biggest issue was, until recently, whether the pension supplement planned for low earners from 2021 onwards will be made conditional on a need test. Deviating from the coalition agreement, the SPD now insisted that instead there would be a "comprehensive income test" based on the data available to the tax authorities.

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For this, an income tax allowance of 1250 euros for singles and 1950 euros for couples was set. Income from rented apartments and investment income are also taken into account. The costs amounted to SOder on up to 1.5 billion euros, which are to be financed from the federal budget also with the help of the planned tax on stock exchange transactions.

On the other hand, SPD Vice Ralf Stegner spoke of a "milestone" that had been reached. About 1.5 million people benefited from the agreed basic pension, significantly more than CDU and CSU would have favored. Most of them are women. So that they did not fall because of the pension income of their husbands through the grid, "relatively high allowances" had been agreed, so Stegner. It is important that the income adjustment is automated and therefore the basic pension is not designed as a social benefit. "It's a compromise, but a tolerable one."

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