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After two days of preparation, it is now possible for athletes to ski at the Nordic Tuffin Stadium in Premanon, in the Jura. The technique of snowfarming has been used again.

Every winter, the Tuffes stadium prepares the next season thanks to this technique. When conditions are right, even if the stadium is snow-covered, the artificial snow production system comes into action. And this is not a mistake: this snow is for the skiers of the following November.

This is because competitors need to ski up before the first deadline. Like the team from France who is currently in training in Davos, Switzerland.

The teams at the National Center for Nordic Skiing and Mid-Mountain were able to draw on the concealed stock under a thick layer of 50 cm of sawdust. Of the 16,000 m3 stored, there remains about 12,000 m3, a loss of 20 to 30%.

Remember that from January 9th to 22nd, the Tuffes Stadium will host the cross-country ski, Nordic combined and ski jumping competitions of the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games.

Photo: CNSNM

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