Cruz Azul: Hobby busts Dante Siboldi for not summoning Stephen Eustaquio


The Celestial Machine of Blue Cross Today he will face Santos Laguna on Sunday, November 10, in the match of matchday 18 of Opening 19 and he needs to win if they want to continue with the possibility of qualifying for the big Mexican soccer party.

As usual, Robert Dante Siboldi launched his call on social networks for the game against the lagoon team and the constant absence of Canadian player Stephen Eustaquio has angered the celestial fans, as they consider that he is doing things better than some of those who do enter the call.

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The 22-year-old player arrived at the Machine last tournament and only played 34 minutes, a figure that has not exceeded in this 2019 Opening because neither Siboldi nor Caixinha gave him minutes.

With the U20, the player has played 6 games and scored a goal but his performances are what make the fans ask for the first team.

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