Cuban Omara Durand achieves first gold in the World Paratrooper


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Havana, Nov. 10 – Cuban Omara Durand won the gold medal in the 400 meters T12 (deep visual weaknesses), on the third day of the World Paralyzing Championship in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This Saturday, Durand went around the oval in 52.85 seconds to enter ahead of the Ukrainian Oksana Boturchuk (56.02), and the Venezuelan Greilyz Villarroel (58.66), silver and bronze respectively.

The Spanish Melani Berges (1: 00.36) was the last in a test where the athletes run with guides and that is why only four participate.

The Antillean stayed at 10 hundredths of the time made in the previous edition of London 2017 and a little further from its world level of 51.77 seconds, imposed at the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Upon reaching the final, Durand and his three opponents got tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

The Cuban still has a demanding calendar that continues today at the Dubai Center Club stadium, with the 100-meter qualifiers.

Omara will be in the last of the three preliminary heats with Vilarroel, the Chinese Yaqin Shen and the Spanish Adiaratou Iglesias.

For this test, as in 400, the winners of each series and the best time among the remaining ones advance to the final scheduled tomorrow Monday, at 18:44 (local time).

The Caribbean also holds the primacy of the orb for its 11.40 seconds in the Brazilian city.

Among his main opponents are the Azeri Elena Chebanu, the German Katrin Mueller-Rottgard, and Boturchuk, others to lose 12 seconds in their careers.

Also this Monday, at 20:24, Omara is scheduled to enter the 200's preliminaries, a modality that will have semifinals and final on the next day.

There is a lot of confidence in Durand to prevail again in the three specialties.

In that event in Dubai, the javelinista Gerdan Fonseca finished sixth in the class F44-64 (lower limb amputees) with a record of 54.21 meters, and it remains to be presented also the launcher of that implement in the category F13 (visual weak) Uliser Aguilera , day 13.

Also assistant Luis Felipe Rivero did not pass the functional medical panel to participate in the long jump T13. (Taken from (Photo: Archive)

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