Cuban President reiterates condemnation of the coup in Bolivia


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Havana, Nov 10.- The Cuban president, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, reaffirmed today the condemnation of the attempted coup d'etat that stars the right in Bolivia against the president Evo Morales.

We condemn the coup opposition strategy that has unleashed violence in Bolivia, which has cost deaths, hundreds of wounded and condemned expressions of racism towards the original peoples, he expressed in his Twitter account, where he reiterated support for the Head of State of the Andean country, re-elected in that position last October 20.

Since Saturday, when the coup-driven violence that has been raging for three weeks in that country has increased, Diaz-Canel has kept the complaint about the situation created as a result of the refusal of opposition parties to accept the electoral victory of the first indigenous leader of That South American nation.

A coup d'etat is under way against the legitimate president of Bolivia. The opposition right refuses to recognize their defeat at the polls and goes to violence and force against the constitutional order. We strongly denounce the treacherous coup, the Cuban president published yesterday in one of his writings on the social network on the subject.

The Foreign Ministry published yesterday a Declaration in which it strongly denounced the coup and expressed the firm support of the Cuban government and people to Evo Morales, and the process of change that this leads in favor of the great majorities, which shows undeniable successes .

The document calls on the international community to side with the legality and peace, in observance of International Law and the postulates of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, and condemn this coup adventure of imperialism and the oligarchy. (PL) (Image: Twitter)

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