Cubans denounce the killing of stray dogs in Havana


Numerous voices continue to rise on the Internet to denounce the mistreatment of animals in Havana, by employees of the Department of Zoonosis, who in recent days they have intensified the collection of stray dogs to show a “good” image during the visit of the Kings of Spain to the island.

This Saturday, sports reporter Boris Luis Cabrera Acosta told on his Facebook wall how a Zoonosis car picked up Chulita, a street dog who usually plays in the park with the children in the neighborhood and is pregnant.

“Two big guys grabbed her by the tail, the same one that never stops moving everyone who passes by to greet him without knowing him, and threw her hard inside the car like a dirty rag amid the laughter that they caused his desperate groan, ”he said.

“Chulita will never come back. Within a few hours you will be injected with strychnine and your life will go away in a sigh after the tremendous pain your small body will run through. The scene will be repeated several times a day in different neighborhoods. A wave of ‘death cars has taken to the streets to kill. (…) What do we do? I feel dirty in my helplessness, complicit in my silence … that's why I write, but I can't do anything else, ”he concluded.

This week, animal rights activists denounced that the dogs collected by Zoonosis in the Cuban capital they are being sacrificed without waiting 48 hours That the law establishes.

The young Alejandro Boue, a Miami resident, also commented on this.

“The solution is to give up for adoption, create an animal protection law, sterilize them. Don't kill them! If you want to maintain hygiene, collect all the garbage in each corner, pits, mosquitoes, your fucking African snail! Killers! Let's give a voice to those who don't have it, ”he said.

Internet user Henry Shorex, on the other hand, questioned that to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Havana it is necessary to “slaughter” defenseless animals.

“A good gift would be to declare these city Heritage streets, as they are also part of these 500 years of history. (…) What is wrong with a stray dog? Let no one come with the damn speech of diseases. Diseases give the pestilent waters, the garbage dumps, the dirt of the city and of that we have enough and we remain healthy. The dog has always accompanied the Cuban. Fidel had dogs, Che too, "he said.

"There is practically no workplace that does not have one of these beauties, that takes care, protects and defends socialist state property and the means of production. Is that the example and inheritance we give our children? a society that kills dogs because it is incapable of having an animal protection law? Or maybe the law already exists but only to protect the African snail, since every time you call to report that there are thousands of them they tell you that they cannot do nothing. Bravo for the snail, "he added.

In August 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture announced that it was preparing a draft Animal Welfare Law, but since then nothing else has been said.

Meanwhile, the activists Animal rights defenders must overcome many difficulties to develop any project due to lack of state support and lack of resources.

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