Cvitanich and a particular contractual clause


He came to Racing to be Super League champion. Lisandro Lopez was quickly coupled and ended up putting together one of the best pairs of Argentine football. Old piolas, they put their heads above the physique and drank the experience. At 35, and after being crowned, Dario Cvitanich ceased to be an undisputed holder. When he enters, he yields and gives the team clarity. For Coudet, however, it is not a fixed one and against Hurricane, for example, Jonatan Cristaldo will play. But there is something that few know. The clause of the Cvitanich contract.

The former Banfield scorer's contract expires in June next year. The Academy will be playing the 2020 Libertadores Cup and it is not a minor detail. If the team manages to pass the group stage, Cvita's link with Racing will be extended immediately for six more months. Otherwise, you must negotiate your continuity or exit from the institution. For the club, the maximum continental competition is the big goal for next year. With the economic reality of the country it is known that it will be difficult to bring players from abroad and keep players like Dario will be important.

Cvitanich news in Racing

Coming from Banfield, Dario arrived at Racing last January on free condition. Superliga has scored five goals in 20 games played. His presences of starting in the formation until here were marked by intermittence. One of the reasons was a synovitis that had him mistreated in a knee, so a couple of times they had to remove fluid.

Along his path as a footballer, Cvita reaped four titles. In Pachuca (Concacaf Champions League, 2009-2010), Ajax (2010-2011), Boca (Opening 2011) and the last one with Racing (Super League 2018-2019). As for individual distinctions, at the Clausura 2008 he finished as top scorer wearing the Banfield coat.

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