D 'Angelo Russell, unable to contain the bleeding


I fear that we will have to get used to headlines like this. D’Angelo Russell matches and Golden State defeats. It is a narrative similar to the one we contemplated in the course of the course, only with Stephen Curry as owner of the shed. So, we were talking about Warriors fighting for 7-8º West Square and a Brother splash in MVP figures.

Without the base (it seems that for the whole season), the ambitions have suffered a turnaround. The goal now is not to avoid defeat … but humiliation. Yesterday, against the Oklahoma City Thunder, goal achieved (108-114).

The quintet of OKC and part of its bench, we will not get tired of saying it, it is not only drinkable, but of high quality to put any team in the league in a regular season. While the dreaded winter transfers arrive (or not), it is a franchise to consider and fear.

Between the Paul, Shai, Adams and GallinariIt was the fourth to whom he took over last night and lead. The Italian was the top scorer of his own with 21 points and a 4 of 6 in triples, with Chris Paul iron in the direction with 16 goals and 9 assists despite missing his three attempts from 7.25. Dennis SchrOder, luxury from the bench in format point guard, contributed another 16 goals and 6 assists.

Kerr experiments

Before the wasteland facing Steve Kerr, few ideas better than mixing ingredients and trying recipes, almost boleo, let's see if by chance something comes out that is worth tasting.

Alec Burks is said to be the main candidate to leave the squad in January, but yesterday, for the time being, he opened his title, and he did it with his identity stamp, which is the pure and hard annotation: 23 points with a 9 17 … we are not going to discover at this point the former Jazz escort, that although nothing between the irregularity, when he manages to get warm few are the shots and defenses that resist him.

But the leader was again, as demanded by his contract and the climate of urgency and / or state of need, D'Angelo Russell, who after his (inert) 52-point exhibition against Minnesota, maintains aim and pace: 30 points and 7 assists with a 10 of 19 in field shots.

Compete: a must

The Thunder seemed to leave the game almost resolved to rest, with an advantage of 23 points on the scoreboard, but the calm of some and the efforts of others led to equality in the last quarter, where Billy Donovan knew how to react and avoid extremis that escaped a triumph they had begun to celebrate early.

"We did a good job in the first half, but then we had trouble bringing that intensity back in the third quarter," Gallinari acknowledged.

“We are a young team that is learning, but I am not happy with the situation we are in,” explains Steve Kerr. “We should not simply settle for accepting our destiny. We should not feel sorry for ourselves and excuse ourselves that we have all those injuries and that it is better to bet on the lottery (the draft) and all this crap. We should win a few games. ”

(Cover photo by Alex Goodlett / Getty Images)

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