Dad performs from the stands the routine of his daughter's batons and falls in love with everyone


Dad earned everyone's love in the stands. Photo: Pixabay

Dad earned everyone's love in the stands. Photo: Pixabay


A dad has been made of many fans on social networks by the passion he showed during a sporting event in which his daughter participated. And is not for less.

It was in the stands of an American football stadium in Yorktown, Virginia, United States, where the Lord fell in love with everyone.

Hekili Holland's daughter He is in the cheerleading team, so that night he was supporting his school in a game against another high school.

But it wasn't them or the game What most moved people, but Holland.

During one of the routines the father I repeated all the steps from the stands, which excited the viewers and caused one of them to share the video on social networks.

After going viral he told local media that he learned all the movements to to be able to support your daughter in the best wayIn addition to feeling happy for being a person who gives joy to others.


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