"Damn Sexist Program" – customer outraged


A man gets a much higher credit line than his wife. Both are taxed equally. The suspicion is obvious that sex is the decisive factor. The Financial Supervisory Authority determined.

Following a customer complaint about possible gender discrimination in the new credit card of the technology group Apple, the New York Financial Services Authority (NYFDS) has taken investigations. It is checked whether the credit card "all customers regardless of gender are treated the same," said a spokesman for the tax authority.

"Damn Sexist Program"

The entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson had previously complained in a series of Twitter messages that the Apple Card was a "fucking sexist program". An algorithm of the card gave him even a 20 times higher credit limit than his wife, although both of them together would be taxed. Hansson had also reported on his endless fruitless conversations with Apple customer service, where no one could explain the unequal treatment and the algorithm was blamed. He warns, "Apple and Goldman Sachs have accepted that they have no control over the product they sell, THE ALGORITHM is in control." People can only hope that he graciously proves to his next potential victims, so Hansson.

The tweets caused a stir on the internet. Many report similar experiences. Including the American computer engineer Steve Wozniak, former co-founder of the tech group Apple.

Goldman Sachs contradicts

A Goldman Sachs cashier spokesman, who issued the credit card, said credit line decisions were based "on a customer's creditworthiness and not on factors such as gender, race, age, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law".

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