Daniel Quintero, Mayor of Medellin, saw Nacional with Los Del Sur


Though Atanasio Girardot did not look as full as he usually is in the Atletico Nacional matches, the purslane team started off with their right foot their participation in the final homers of the Aguila II League and beat Cucuta Deportivo, with superiority, by a final score of 3-1.

The goals of the green team, won by Patricio Cucchi and Daniel Munoz, they allowed Osorio's to add at home, which is vital in these decisive instances and think about their next game, in which they hope to add as a visitor to start profiling as one of their group's favorites.

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And although it is true that more public was missing to achieve the total full, an illustrious character of the city of Medellin slipped between the fans who attend the south tribune of the stadium and enjoyed the triumph as one more barista: It was the city's elected mayor, Daniel Quintero, who broke the protocol that politicians are used to or luxury spectators, to enter a tribune considered as ‘popular’.

Quintero's attendance at the stadium was evidenced through the social networks of the politician, because in a video he showed all the excitement of the fans that were around him and in which he is shown to be surrounded by a good part of the bar of the pursuit team identified as ‘Los Del Sur’.

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This is the video published by the elected mayor of Medellin on your Instagram account:

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