Daniel Riolo supports Payet and dezingue Garcia


This week Dimitri Payet decided to dump his bag on his former coach Rudi Garcia who went to train the enemy. A media outlet that has been hotly debated in the press. Daniel Riolo consultant at RMC Sport expressed its support for the Marseille community.

On the occasion of the press conference before the shock of this 13th day, Dimitri Payet has as it seems to be unveiled "a secret cloakroom", saying that Rudi Garcia the current coach OL has had words very hard on his new club during his time in Marseilles. If, this attitude has been criticized by many consultants, the former West Ham player has been defended by Daniel Riolo and his usual outspoken talk.

"What did Payet say so terrible? In essence, that a few weeks ago, Rudi Garcia did not have words hard enough to evoke Lyon, its president and supporters of the club and today, He's the coach of the OL, we have many other examples of this kind in football obviously, but are we forced to accept that without finding that it's a shabby thing? honesty is, at this point, outdated as values? " can we read on the website of RMC Sport.

A plea that addresses the consultants who hit Dimitri Payet's fingers after his controversial media release.

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