Danny Trevathan of the Bears suffers a spectacular arm injury


Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan suffered a dramatic left arm injury at the elbow this Sunday, while trying to knock down quarterback Jeff Driskel in his Week 10 duel.

In the Detroit Lions' visit to the Chicago Bears, a game that Driskel started in replacement of the injured Matthew Stafford, Trevathan chased Driskel to the right side of the field, looking for a catch. When he was knocked down while he was getting rid of the ovoid, Trevathan placed his arm on the grass, which folded in an unnatural way.

Immediately, the linebacker left the field and was taken to the locker room.

The team described the injury as a problem in the elbow, and in the first instance, described their return to the game as questionable.

Trevathan is in his fourth season with the Bears. Previously, he played four campaigns for the Denver Broncos.

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