Dati wants to "give Parisians" the Bois de Vincennes and Boulogne


Rachida Dati, designated Wednesday November 6 candidate Republicans for the municipal elections in Paris in March, believes in the JDD that the Bois de Vincennes and Boulogne are "become lawless areas"Promising to"clean them up and give them back to Parisians".

"My campaign will be built around four axes: safety and cleanliness, families, ecology, good governanceShe confides to the weekly.

Rachida Dati notes that "concerning families»,«Paris is empty of its sap". She hears "make a move to help middle class families with housing", a "shock measurement»That she will unveil«in a few weeks".

"I will commit myself to lower the tariffs of the municipal services, starting with that of the canteensShe proposes too. "The highest price of a meal in the Parisian school restaurant is 7 euros, against 3 or 4 euros in Nice, Lyon or Bordeaux; in September 2020, I will pass this price to 3.50 euros"Says Rachida Dati.

She lamented that the Bois de Vincennes and Boulogne werebecome areas of lawlessness, disreputable misery of Paris, where proliferation of delinquency, prostitution, trafficking, squats".

"I want to clean them and give them back to Parisians"She says, in"installing dedicated police antennas around the two woods»,«videoprotection cameras»And«living spaces and relaxation, health courses»And«sports equipments".

On the security side, the former Minister of Justice wishes "a real reorganization of security in Paris around a national police refocused on its missions (interpellation, investigation), an armed municipal police dedicated to the delinquency of everyday life and private security, to monitor public buildings and sensitive sites".

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On the ecological front, Rachida Dati proposes to equip «buildings welcoming a fragile public»From«pollution sensors" and of "air purifiers". She also regrets that "since three terms, the mayor has an anti-car policy»:«Before removing the cars, it is necessary to provide other means of mobility, collective transport worthy".

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