David Lopez: "Atleti made a spectacular campaign against the VAR and has given them effect"


They have been very angry with the VAR.

I will be careful in my words because then you know how everything works, but it is normal that we get pissed off. Now that we have been reviewing images and seeing the repetitions well, even more pissed off. I think that Correa's first goal the play is very fair, it may not be out of play by centimeters. In the tie that I do, anyone who knows about football knows that I don't need it. So what happens, if it is the other way around, is it a penalty? I do not think so. At least take the time to review the action as happened in my action with Felipe. Nor do I want to excuse myself on that because they have been better and have won us, but in the situation in which we are, it hurts.

But they have felt harmed.

I do not know how to tell you, I think the VAR has not helped us and in the second goal of ours we had to have reviewed the action.

Why do you think they didn't review it?

I don't know, I think Atletico has done very well because after the Sevilla game he campaigned against the spectacular VAR and I think it has given them effect. It seems that now we have to do it now to make it happen. It should not be necessary and the VAR should work properly.

What have they pointed out in their goal?

I don't know, as he pointed out, but what is produced is between the two Atletico players. I should have called him the VAR or gone to check him and I believe that all of us who understand football know that it is not necessary.

They are six points away from salvation.

It's hard. Nothing accompanies when you are in bad dynamics and everything becomes more complicated. We try to get points from anywhere and we have to get strong at home and get the points at home that urge us.

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