Dawn: a woman defenestrated in Troyes, her companion in custody


A woman is between life and death this Sunday, having been defenestrated the night before in Troyes (Aube) during a violent dispute with his companion, we learned from a judicial source. The latter was placed in custody for aggravated "homicide attempt".

According to the first elements of the investigation, witnesses heard the couple arguing and saw the man, in his forties, pushing his girlfriend through the window of the first floor of the building where they were on the street. of the Chapter, said the prosecutor of the Republic of Troyes Olivier Caracotch, confirming an information of East Lightning.

Also in her forties, the woman was taken to hospital in critical condition and her life-threatening condition is "still engaged," he added.

A man known for "acts of violence"

The investigation was opened for "homicide by spouse or concubine," said Olivier Caracotch, adding that the man "had consumed alcohol at the time of the facts" and was still in custody this Sunday night. According to a source close to the investigation, the dispute broke out around 18 hours, and toxicological analyzes conducted in custody revealed that the suspect had "1.6 g of alcohol in the blood."

The couple had been "dating for a few weeks" only, and the man was "known to the police for acts of violence," the source added, without specifying whether it was domestic violence. The suspect is also being prosecuted for violence on the depositary of the public authority, following a "difficult" interpellation according to the prosecutor's office.

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