Deadly death in Saint-Louis: The relatives testify


The relatives of Ti Min-Min express themselves the day after the murder of the fifties.

A man in his fifties was stabbed to death on Saturday afternoon in the Saint Louis.

Ti Min-Min was stabbed Saturday in a home in St. Louis. The alleged perpetrator was taken into custody.

The relatives testify

The niece of the victim expresses anger: "Li te not deserve that. He was a good person! Li went fishing, fishing for bichique. Li ti made his quiet life all the time. It is a family that is in sadness, even his friends are shattered, in sadness. The shock is zot. Li leaves a sister behind with his nieces, my momon alone. Li te merit pa got there."

His godmother adds: "Now tired, kan waited for me to die. Li te batay pa with do moun. Since that day, li te like that."

His body discovered by a child

It is a neighbor, a child of about ten years, who falls on the stage of the drama. He runs to get his mother to tell him what he saw.

This explains what happened: "My son came to see me and told me Ti Min-Min is on the floor. I went to see. Upon arriving at the scene, I saw that he was no longer breathing. Firefighters arrived and did first aid, and after that it was over."

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