Death by e-cigarettes – Is it an oil?


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Death by e-cigarettes – Is it an oil?

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Politicians demand stricter e-cigarette rules

The lung diseases and deaths associated with smoking e-cigarettes continue to cause uncertainty among consumers. Now there is a hot trail for the cause.

In the US, more and more people are dying and smoking after smoking e-cigarettes. Why – this is still a mystery. Now experts have noticed a commonality in the lung fluid of 29 patients.

eIn oil, according to the CDC, one possible cause of fatalities after the use of e-cigarettes in the United States may be. "This is the first time we have discovered a potentially worrying chemical in samples from patients with these lung diseases," the agency said. In a study of lung fluid samples from 29 diseased ten-state patients, the oil – a vitamin E acetate – was found in all samples.

Vitamin E occurs naturally in various foods such as oils or nuts. Because of its molecular structure, the substance can be dangerous when inhaled.

However, further investigations would have to be carried out and it could not be ruled out that other chemicals would also contribute to the diseases, according to the CDC. Recently, there had already been evidence that THC products might play a role. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is in cannabis and is mainly responsible for the intoxicating effect of the drug.

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Even e-cigarettes can make you dependent

39 people have died in the US so far after the use of e-cigarettes, more than 2000 fell ill. In Germany and throughout Europe, no similar increase in lung damage has been reported so far. The complaints still seem to be limited to users in North America. In Germany, the compositions of the active ingredients of e-cigarettes are more strictly regulated than in the US.

The US government has announced plans to raise the minimum age for use of e-cigarettes from 18 to 21 years. That will recommend a report to be presented next week, said US President Donald Trump. "We have to take care of our children, that's the most important thing." Also to e-cigarettes with certain flavors, there will be recommendations, he said. Such e-cigarettes are considered particularly popular with young people.

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