Death Stranding: PC release exclusive to Epic? That's what the publisher says!


Hideo Kojima's latest title, Death Stranding, has recently become available on the PS4, but the next year will see a PC version. Will this be released exclusively by Epic Games? Now the publisher speaks!

When a title is released for the PC these days, Steam fans are always worried that they will not be served. Reason: Since the Epic Games Store, the Fortnite developer regularly meets with various developers and publishers exclusive agreements, so that Steam and other online vendors outrage. Is that the same with Death Stranding?

The answer to this question is fortunately for Steam fans: No! As publisher 505 Games confirmed in a press release, Death Stranding will appear in parallel in the Epic Games Store and on Steam. If you want to buy the digital version, you can decide where you want to do it.

Pre-orders of the PC version of Death Stranding are now available at a price of 59.99 euros. However, there is still no specific release date; this is still flat rate with summer 2020 indicated.

In Death Stranding you play the role of Sam Bridges, who is played by walking-dead star Norman Reedus. A series of mysterious explosions have devastated the planet, sparking a wave of supernatural incidents. Since then, otherworldly creatures have been haunting the planet and threatened with mass extinction. Now it is up to Sam to travel through desolate desert landscapes to save mankind from the threat of extinction. What we think of the current PS4 title, you can read in our Death Stranding Review.

Death Stranding – Rebuilding a Wrecked World Trailer
In a fourth behind-the-scenes clip Kojima comments on the reconstruction of the destroyed game world.

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