Decision made – Green unanimously for coalition negotiations with OVP


"Our hand to the OVP is stretched out with it," said Kogler: "How that ends we do not know." He spoke of "pioneering work": "Now this is of course a risk, but we want to take this step." But Kogler also made it clear that his party would not hesitate to get off the table if there were any attempts to make black and blue politics with a green macho. This was in 2003 and he was there.

At the same time, Kogler emphasized that cooperation would require many compromises. These should not be denounced then. Because it makes a difference whether a center-right party (like the OVP) with a right-wing party (like the FPO) or with those Greens koaliere. The second case would give a completely different picture of Austria in Europe. The Greens would also ensure a pro-European orientation in this country.

For the federal spokesman, the agreement of ecology and economy is one of the key points of any government. Austria could become a pioneer in climate protection. In addition, steps against child poverty and a Freedom of Information Act could be launched.

Kogler recalled that since the Federal President's election campaign, ditches have been torn up and still not quite to be: "We want to make a contribution to overcome these ditches." Therefore, look now, if it goes out. Of course, Kogler does not rule out a new edition of Turquoise Blue.

Kogler did not want to say much about critical voices in the EBV. He was himself a critical voice. Red lines were not given him by his party friends. The distribution of the ministries had not been discussed during the soundings with the OVP, he again denied corresponding media speculation.

A negotiating team of the Greens will probably only be on Tuesday. Before that, the OVP must give the green light for coalition negotiations.

How long the negotiations last, the green federal spokesman did not want to speculate. As soon as possible, but as long as necessary, the talks would last. Because the negotiations have an open outcome, but work towards a successful conclusion: "This may take time."

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