Deportivo vs Elche by LaLiga SmartBank | Chronicle and result


He Sports He is not able to win even when he really deserves it (1-3). The duel with him Elche It should have been the takeoff, the reaction of a group that believed themselves to be going further, but who insists on pulling down the unpaved road when the highway sign appears. The Hercule set managed to recover from an initial slap, but an error by Dani Gimenez and another by Aketxe were too much weight and the chasm is getting closer and closer.

  • Neither Valin … nor Galan. After the whole week of debates on the tenant of the right side, Valin or Galan, Luis Cesar opted for the third way. Mujaid was chosen, to which the coach added a new twist in attack with the return of Aketxe behind Kone … and Longo in the stands.
  • No need for error. The Depor is usually shot in the foot more frequently than advisable, something that was always making him go in tow. But the dwarfs of the circus grow without stopping and this time, without giving it away, or deserving it, the blue and white team was behind on the scoreboard after a goal by Verdu of direct foul. Before and after both the domain was blue and white and, although without brilliance, the feelings were good. He materialized them Gizzard with the tie on the edge of half an hour after a good combination between Montero and Salva Ruiz.
  • It has not been explained well. With the team squeezing after the break and also Riazor with the referee between eyebrow and eyebrow, Dani Gimenez made his second mistake in seven days. It was a 2 × 1, in fact, not catching an innocent shot of Nino and committing penalty in the rebound when Medina was on his back and drowned by the bottom line. Fidel did not forgive tremendous irresponsibility.
  • The gifts, for later. Forget the second point of this chronicle, or rather allow me to erratum. Because that of Dani Gimenez was not the only one in the second part. Aketxe did not want to leave the captain alone and lost a ball in the center of the field, with the team overturned, which led to the sentence of MIlla. Mollejo had had the draw with a header, but Badia responded without problems.


RC Sports: Dani Gimenez; Mujaid (Galan, min. 81), Lampropoulos, Montero, Salva; Bergantinos (Santos, min. 71), Peru; Jovanovic (Valle, min. 59), Aketxe, Mollejo; Kone

Elche CF: Edgar Badia; Oscar, Verdu, Calvo, Juan Cruz; Josan (Ivan, min.53), Manuel, Villar, Fidel (Milla min.69); Nino, Yacine (Medina, min. 38).

Goals: 0-1, min. 13: Verdu. 1-1, min. 26: Gizzard. 1-2, min. 57: Fidel, of penalty. 1-3, min. 87: Mile.

Referee: Diaz de Mera, Castilian-La Mancha school. He admonished Bergantinos, Montero, Mollejo and Salva in the Depor and Manuel, Yacine, Juan Cruz and Ivan in Elche.

Incidents: Riazor Stadium. Match corresponding to day 15 of Second Division of the 2019-2020 season.

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