Did the Bavarians lie? Arsene Wenger unpacks


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  • Fabian BiastochSaturday, 09.11.2019

On Wednesday it has been announced that Bayern have canceled after first talks Arsene Wenger. Now the Alsatian tells the "true story".

What happened between Bayern Munich and Arsene Wenger? According to BILD it was said that the German record champions would not consider the longtime coach of Arsenal as an option.

The 70-year-old had previously reported to Chief Executive Officer Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and "signaled fundamental interest in the coaching posts at Bayern".

But this story is not true, Arsene Wenger clarified at BEIN SPORTS.

"On Wednesday, Rummenigge called me, I called back in courtesy, we talked for four or five minutes, maximum, and he said they've signed on to Flick for the next two games," he revealed.

Then Rummenigge asked if he was interested. "I said that I had not thought about it yet, I needed time to think."

"We decided together to speak next week because I'm in Doha, that's the real story," Wenger contradicts the version from Munich.

This did not happen, because the FC Bayern already made clear in advance, as a commitment was excluded. Arsene Wenger (70) has now apparently lost a respectful portion of respect for the bosses of the German record champions.

"This club, which has always been very discreet, is now very talkative about rumors from all sides," Wenger said.

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