Djokovic – Berrettini live: ATP Finals 2019, live


30-30 Double lack of Italian.

15-15 Kick of Berrettini! They played both from line to line, but it was the Italian who won the point with a relentless smash.

0-15 Reverse cut to the Italian network.

1-0 Nole starts this set the same as the first, with a blank kick.

40-0 The Italian can't stand from the bottom of the track. Another mistake.

30-0 Djokovic parallel right, unstoppable.

15-0 Rest of Berrettini directly outside.

AAAARRRANCA THE SECOND SEEEEET !!! At the service, Novak Djokovic.

6-2. FIRST SET FOR DJOKOVIC !!! The Serbian did not need anything special to win this partial. Berrettini failed absolutely everything.

0-40. Another failure of the Italian. Add 16 unforced errors in the encounter …

0-30. Rest of Nole at the feet of Berrettini that he fails to lift in conditions.

0-15 Reverse to the Italian network.

5-2. GAME FOR DJOKOVIC! Consolidate the break the Serbian. The outcome of this set is more than clear.

40-30 Rest to the Matteo network.

30-30 Upside down to the Berrettini network. The Serbian is now playing balls inside.

15-30. Djokovic was invested to play right and sent the ball into the hall.

15-15 One of lime and another of sand. Now Matteo fails from the bottom of the track.

0-15 Sensational parallel right of Berrettini. Try to react.

4-2. Bizarre error of Berrettini that gives the break to Djokovic! Unforgivable to make that mistake with the point earned.

30-40. Right to the Nole network in the exchange.

15-40. Berretini's mistake with the reverse cut! Two break balls for the Serbian …

15-30. Go left, Djokovic has been invented! What a genius.

15-15 Now perfect Italian. He moved Djokovic from side to side and pounded with the smash.

0-15 Upload the Italian to the network and make a mistake again. Many errors…

3-2 Game for Nole! Still very comfortable at the service. This is going to be difficult for him to miss this game …

40-15 Berrettini misses with the right.

30-15 And another one that escapes.

15-15 Rest out of Italian.

0-15 Djokovic fails with his right in the race.

2-2. Game for Berrettini! The Italian keeps his pulse in these first bars.

40-30 And one more mistake with the reverse. Many lacks with that blow …

40-15 Another ace of Matteo.

30-15 The Italian right is impressive. Pure power

15-15 Berretini upside down to the network.

15-0 Ace of Italian.

2-1. Game for Nole! He has not suffered the least in his serve shifts.

40-15 The tape sends out the right of the Serbian.

40-0 Impeccable Nole at the service.

30-0 Rest of the Italian to the doubles hall.

15-0 Right to pleasure of Djokovic in the middle track.

1-1. Game for Berrettini! He leaned on the serve when he had everything against him.

V-40 Get a service point with a powerful service.

DEUCE. Another easy volley that swallows Berrettini! Nothing successful on the net.

30-30 Two fantastic Italian rights that give it the point.

15-30. Ace of Berrettini! He needed it.

0-30. What a shot Berrettini just missed! Crashed it on the net with everything in favor.

0-15 Another right that escapes from Italian. He hasn't won any points yet.

1-0 And Nole ends his service with an ace. Blank game.

40-0 Berrettini finds no answer to the rest.

15-0 Berretini right that escapes by centimeters. He looked for a line.

¬°COOOOMIENZAN THE ATP FINAAAAALS !!! At the service, Novak Djokovic.

Warming up Djokovic and Berrettini on the surface of the O2 Arena !!! This is about to start …

In just five minutes Djokovic and Berrettini will jump on track!

He start of the meeting It is scheduled for 15:00 (Spanish time).

Its about inaugural duel of the ATP Finals that are disputed in the O2 London Arena, an imposing stadium with capacity for 20,000 spectators.

Good afternoon and welcome to the live narration of the match between Novak Djokovic and Matteo Berrettini!

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