dm drugstore: breakdown in product – mother wants to tinker gift, but important detail is missing


A mother makes a loving gift for her son. But the product she needs for that has made a mistake.

  • A mother makes a loving gift for her son.
  • The dm product she used for this, however, lacks a crucial detail.
  • She complains via Facebook at dm.

dm product: decisive detail is missing

Berlin – To bridge the anticipation of Christmas, many people buy Advent calendars, which accompany them in the time until Christmas Eve. In addition to many possibilities, such as beauty Advent calendar, chocolate advent calendar or advent calendar with pictures, many even tinker their advent calendar itself mother and customer from Berlin the Drugstore chain dm drugstore market did just that. She has one for her son advent Calendar tinkered and wanted to number the bags and small packages from 1 to 24. But she bought stars from felt at dm, which she wanted to stick to the individual gifts.

dm drugstore: Mother's surprise about missing detail will follow later

After she lovingly packed the small gifts in bags and wrapping paper, followed by the attachment of the felt stars then the big surprise: The number of stickers is correct, but instead of a 17, the 15 has crept in twice. She is amazed and turns immediately via Facebook to the Karlsruhe drugstore chain. "I have just that advent Calendar finished for our son. And what happened to a mistake? "She asks in astonishment. "The 15 was double, but the number 17 is missing. I bought the stickers from you. How can I get the right number? "The Userin helplessly states dm further.

Prompt, the Facebook team back from dm. "Oh dear, we are so sorry. Unfortunately, we can not help with Facebook. Please contact our service center or directly to yours dm-market "Dm try to help the woman.

Missing detail in dm product: Other users give helpful tips

Although the buyer does not report back, but give her some other Facebook users helpful tips and advice. While some think that with this problem she should better go to the dm where she has bought the stars so that she can exchange them if necessary, others think that this would be a wonderful opportunity to get creative. "Making the numbers yourself" or "It will not be that bad, you can make it cool yourself," say two of the users.

dm: Besides missing detail – Other User: Gifts too big for advent calendar

Other users note that the gifts for a children's advent calendar are very big and much. "Not bad. Giant gifts for every day. There used to be a pencil or eraser on my calendar, sometimes a lollipop … Times change. "Then another woman replies," And at Christmas there's a car. I would also like to be the child. "

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But that was not the only complaint that has been posted on dm's Facebook page lately. In late October, a mother found plastic parts in a jar of baby food. Dm's reaction stunned her, she said. In addition, other baby products were recalled by dm. The new pricing strategy of dm provided a surprise for market researchers. It was recently announced that dm has raised its prices for many of its articles.

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