"Do not go to third elections"


People seem offended when Luis Troya tells people "obese" from the car. What they don't know is the one he refers to a town of Cantabria that he is trying to reach to cover the election day and that is called that way. Finally, Troy manages to arrive. When she meets a neighbor walking her dog, she tells him: "I have lost weight because I have quit smoking and gained 10 kilos."

The origin of the name of the town is told by another woman: "There was a couple, he was Asturian and she was Cantabrian and they said: 'Either obese, or obese'," so it was very related to kisses.

In the last elections the polls were not very "plump". According to his mayor, Jose Luis Herrero, "the last time he voted more than 60%" of the population. "Now we'll see, although it seems that people are going to vote," he adds.

In Obeso, as in the rest of Spain, there is already electoral "overweight". "We cannot go to the third elections. It would be a joke, "says a neighbor. Another man acknowledges that he is thinking whether to vote or not and explains the reason:" Nobody remembers the people and I am very pissed off about that issue, "he says.

800 kilometers away, in a village in Andalusia they are taking a tad of weight to this vote. And is that in Huelva is Las Delgadas. There, his mayor Eliseo Ramirez explains that the name comes because "formerly there were goat pens". "Some were fatter and others thinner and thinner were here," he says.

"We have been very thin from voting. You can't do it anymore, "a neighbor jokes. For another woman, the politicians" are all fat. "" I ask you to agree because going to other elections would be very sad. And stop looking for your own interests and look for those of the rest of the country, "claims another young man from Las Delgadas.

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