Home Sports Does Pulga Rodriguez return to Atletico Tucuman?

Does Pulga Rodriguez return to Atletico Tucuman?



Does Pulga Rodriguez return to Atletico Tucuman?

When setting foot in Santa Fe, Luis Rodriguez He had very different aspirations. However, the South American Cup He became the main obsession, to the point that he was about to achieve it. Unfortunately for him and for the Sabalero, he squandered a penalty that would have meant the partial discount and is not yet forgiven. So it is that he talked about taking stock at the end of the semester. Are you returning to Atletico Tucuman? "My thanks to the people who made a sacrifice to come here, and on behalf of the team apologize for not achieving that first star we all wanted. The pain is deep, it is great, but this is football. Let's see now in what what is left of the year what we do and what decision we make. There is analysis that must be done, we must see how the head continues, so well, we will talk with the family to see how we continue these days ".

The statement comes shortly after his brother Walter declared the chance to add the Flea to the work team of Juan Manzur: "He talked with the Governor and the vice about the possibility of having a position in the Ministry of Sports of the province, he has to make the decision, the idea is that he returns home, he is not far from returning, it would be Atletico Tucuman ".

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