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A Wisconsin animal shelter talks about the worst case of animal abuse you've ever seen.

When Gabriel was brought to the shelter in Dunn County, he weighed only 10 pounds. Not enough for his breed. A weight of around 30 kilograms would have been normal. The staff were shocked: "He could not stand anymore, let alone go alone," said Jamie Wagner from the responsible shelter about the situation "CBS Minnesota". She was particularly horrified when she realized that he could barely breathe. Never had she ever seen such a terrible case.The dog was found on a highway. Apparently he was suspended there, as a deputy of the sheriff's office reported. It is believed that the two-year-old male grew up in a Messi household. This hinted at least the strong smell of the four-legged friend. In addition, he was probably littered with ticks and fleas.

Police are looking for witnesses

The shelter did not want to give up Gabriel, as the dog was finally called. "He is a fighter and still has a lot of life in him," said Wagner. For more than a week, the four-legged friend is already in the shelter. There would have been hundreds of adoption requests during this time. However, Gabriel is not released for at least two months.

But current pictures definitely show that he is on the mend. Meanwhile, he can run independently again and can already get a ball when the nurse gives him one.

Meanwhile, the police are looking for those responsible who have suspended Gabriel. One also asks witnesses for support.

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