Dog food recall at Rewe and toom: Even dog owners endangered


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Currently, a manufacturer calls back his dog food, which is sold by Rewe and the Toom store. There is also danger for the owners of the dogs.

Munich – The Bavarian Wholesaler B.A.F. Group GmbH is currently expressly warning against one of its dog foods. According to the manufacturer, salmonella was found in the product, which was apparently distributed throughout Germany. Danger is not only for the animals, but also for the holder.

In the dog food "proCani pure horse 400g – Pure Horse" are according to the manufacturer, the B.A.F. Group GmbH, has been proven in a salmonella study. That's why the company is calling the product back. The consumer portal warns against the fact that because of a possible cross contamination also danger for the dog owners exists. Cross-contamination means that the bacteria could unintentionally spread to humans.

Rewe and Baumarkt Toom call back dog food: This batch is affected

The dog food has apparently been distributed throughout Germany at the supermarket chain Rewe, as well as at the Rewe group belonging to the construction market Toom. The product has already been taken off the shelves of the markets.

However, according to the current status, not all batches of the dog food "proCani pure horse 400g – Pure Horse" are affected, but only the products with the best before date November 13, 2020. The batch number belonging to the affected product is BAF1300130819.

Customers who have purchased the affected product can return it to all Rewe stores. The purchase price will be refunded without presentation of a receipt.

The manufacturer has set up a consumer hotline, under which you can get more information: +49 9173 79 44 22 02. Alternatively, you can also send an email to [email protected]

Dog Food Recall at Rewe un Toom: Salmonella is so dangerous

Salmonella are bacteria that are dangerous to both animals and humans. The bacteria are usually transmitted by food. The consequences of a disease are those of a typical food infection: The bacteria multiply in the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea. As a rule, a disease does not have to be treated with antibiotics. However, infection in high-risk groups, such as infants, the elderly, as well as those with a weakened immune system, can cause serious illnesses.

A Bavarian brewery is also recalling its beer: there may be residues of lye in the bottles.

A breakdown at Rewe causes outrage at a customer. He looked closely at a popular product.

A dairy now warns of a detected production error. Since a health impairment can not be excluded, it is now recalled.


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