Dog was still sitting on the shore: Passers-by find dysentery


Nordenham – Passersby found the body of a man in a park in Nordenham in the district of Wesermarsch on Sunday.
The police have closed a ditch. (Icon)

The police have closed a ditch. (Icon)

It is a 50-year-old from Nordenham near Bremen, information on the cause of death could not be made initially, the police said.

Previously, the passers-by had found a stray dog ​​who had caught his leash on a ditch embankment.

A little later, the lifeless man was discovered in an adjacent, approximately ten-meter wide water-bearing ditch. Whether the dead man is the master of the dog, so far can only be suspected.

Rescue teams of the fire brigade hid the body, an emergency doctor could only determine the death. The police determined.

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