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The woman who showed Donald Trump (73) the finger and was fired for it, is back. And this time she wipes out the 45th President quite democratically one. She threw in a local election in Virginia one of his Republican supporters from office.

Now America's Liberals are beaming: Revenge is sweet!

July Briskman (52) became world famous in October 2017. At that time, a White House photographer had photographed her from behind as she held out her middle finger to the US president in her home state of Virginia. She wheeled past Trump's car column and showed the unmistakable gesture.

The photographer posted the picture that promptly went viral. The Americans wondered: who is the woman who trumped Trump?

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It has avenged itself on a democratic way with US President Donald TrumpPhoto: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP

Briskman outed and posted the image of himself defiantly on Twitter and Facebook. With consequences. At their company "Akima LLC", which receives orders from the government, Trump brought out his old TV saying: You are fired!

She was allegedly thrown out not because of her political views, but because she posted a picture with obscene content. The cyclist later complained of a severance pay and won. She was also showered with job offers.

Democratic revenge for expulsion

A year ago, she decided to make a candi- date for the advice of her county in Loudoun, northern Virginia. She appeared as a democrat against the incumbent Suzanne Volpe – a Trump supporter.

Briskman, who has never held a political office, said then: "Until my expulsion I had not thought about a candidature."

After her victory last week, she tweeted politically correct: "I look forward to representing my friends and neighbors … so proud that we have managed to turn the Council. Thank you Loudoun. "

For Trump and his Republicans, their victory is a painful warning. Not only did Juli Briskman win, but the Democrats had also taken the Conservatives' narrow majority in the Senate and House of Representatives House of Virginia.

And: In actually ultra-conservative Kentucky, the home state of Trump's important ally, Senate spokesman Mitch McConnell, the Liberals have defeated the Republican governor with a sheer margin – even though Trump had stirred the drum for him.

The governor still refuses to accept his defeat and speaks of electoral fraud. But Trump has long distanced himself from him and his own party called on him: Prove evidence or give you beaten.

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