Double 11 AliExpress: Are you ready for the bargain festival?


This year, November 11th will be even more enjoyable than usual. Yes,
    not only will you be able to enjoy this holiday for you
    rest, but you will also be able to binge on good deals.
    Tomorrow, at 9 o'clock,

AliExpress launches the Double 11
for the first time in France. This event, which has existed for ten years in
    China is considered the biggest global shopping event in
    line over 48 hours. Every two hours, flash sales are going
    follow in some cases with discounts of -90%!

To benefit in the best conditions from all these opportunities,
    a minimum of organization is welcome. To start, go now
    take a tour on the page

Double 11 on AliExpress
. You'll find 11.11 discount prices already displayed on hundreds
    of products which allows you to anticipate by placing them right away
    in the basket.

Be on the lookout for coupons and coupon codes

Also take advantage of the time left before the launch of Double 11 for
    familiarize yourself with the system of

AliExpress coupons, coupons and select coupons
. We explain everything about how they work on this


On D-Day, flash offers in limited quantities will be available at
    from 10 o'clock. To enjoy it, you will need to enter the promo code
    indicated when ordering. Be responsive because there will not be any for
    everybody ! And if by chance you are not in front of your computer the
    November 11, no problem. Just download the application

AliExpress Android

and create an account to save your coupons and other
    advantages. Again, get ready now to be in
    starting blocks tomorrow.

We told you, the Double 11 is really not a day like the others.
    In addition to all the flash sales that will be linked at a rate of
    madness, AliExpress adds valuable bonuses all over the site and you
    can enjoy, whatever your purchases.

Bonus 1: step-by-step discounts *

  • less 10 euros from 70 euros purchase using the code PROMO1111

  • less 5 euros from 35 euros purchase using the code 5PROMO1111

  • less 20 euros from 150 euros purchase using the code 20PROMO1111

Bonus 2: invite your friends and receive coupons

This is a big news for the e-tailer. The new member will receive
    a coupon of 16.90 euros with your invitation and you will be entitled to
    4.40 euros in coupon once your friend has paid for his purchase.

Bonus 3: win 2 places for the Champions League in Paris

If you pay with a MasterCard on November 11th at 9:00 am
    November 13 at 8:59, you will be entitled to 4 euros discount (for a
    purchase of more than 40 euros) and a chance to win two tickets for the
    Champions League in Paris. One more reason to crack for
    11.11 promotions from AliExpress!

* Number of codes limited. Offer valid for deliveries in France
    November 11, 2019, 9:00 am to November 13, 2019, 9:00 am. See
    terms and conditions on

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